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Architectural Project. 2019

SCI-Arc 2GAX Design Studio 

Instructor: Jenny Wu

Partner: Yi Jin

Forms of nature and artifacts

Initially, we scan objects in Chinatown with different shapes texture and quality. We classify scanned objects
into 2 groups. One is natural or crude stuff and the other one is something artificial that looks like nature. These
objects may have changeable quality. And they are fake but appear in the nature. Thus, we want to explore
what kind of objects we can play with and utilize and what ‘s the function of fake quality in artificial stuff. How to combine these two kinds of objects together in contemporary architecture.

Generation process

When we transfer 2D photograph into 3D objects of architecture scale, they both get and lose information and
quality compared to initial one. In consideration of context of Chinatown , detailed natural objects like the branches of bush get denser texture and lose quality of growing shape. Artificial or fake objects get more stories like city memory and lose some of initial materials. We can add more tiny elements such as red bricks, limb of bonsai and building corner to achieve the relationship between building and nature which is full of traditional memory and imaginary beauty.

Project Overview

Gataway 05018.png

Different objects may have different possibilities of function. Manufactured landscape can root into the site
and blend into part of the site. Dense bush develops into mixed-function areas which is changeable as time goes
by. The units of artificial handicraft having logic void form open co-working spaces. This co-working building, mainly has two functions, one is the office space like co-working space, individual working space and meeting, the other is the retain like kitchen. These two different functions echo each other with density shape. At the same time, the different quality of interior space connects these two parts, to make them more flexible.

According to different quality We translate city texture of Chinatown elements into building facade, bonsai into mixed-function area and artificial handicraft into accessorial building. The harmony of scales and texture
makes them run with precision as office building just like different bearings which dominate the normal run of
different parts in a machine.

To match the quality or shape of different parts, we use different thickness of walls, construct different scale of
windows to let light in with different direction and divide spaces into different shapes such as cubes, spheres and
irregular geometric.

We try find a moment and balance to combine them to be a pre-architecture. We create a discontinuous sequence
of architectural and natural stuff to express the connect of human intelligence and natural shape, than redesign it to be a CO-WORKING BUILDING.

Gataway 05017.png

Perspective section view

Technical Drawings

Elevations and sections

Floor plan

Studio Project

Architectural Project

SCI-Arc 2GAX Design Studio


Jenny Wu

Teaching Assistants

Nero He, Janathan Warner


Shuai Ma, Yi Jin


Chinatown, Los Angeles

Tools and Techniques

Rhinoceros, Maya, Zbrush, Arnold Render, Lumion, AutoCAD

Fall 2019

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