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 Desertscaper - Game Platform of Desert City

Architectural Interactive & Game Project. 2020

SCI-Arc Design Lab 2020 Fall

Instructor: Damjan Jovanovic, M. Casey. Rehm

Site: Lucerne Valley, Los Angeles

Project Overview

In this project, we worked with Unreal Engine to create an interactive modelling app. The app is designed as a component-based system builder, where the user can select a component from a menu and place it in the game world. The components are sourced from the 3GAX design studio material and used in a modular fashion within the simulation environment. This project focuses heavily on the construction of a unified modeling/rendering game space, putting special focus on simulation as an aesthetic and functional methodology for design. 


Studio Project

Architectural Interactive & Game Project

SCI-Arc Design Lab


Damjan Jovanovic, M. Casey. Rehm


Shuai Ma


Lucerne Valley, Los Angeles

Tools and Techniques

Unreal Engine, Rhino, Python, Processing, Megascan

Fall 2020

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