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Tourism Factory Renewal Project

Architectural & Planning Project. 2019

Graduation Project 2019 Summer

Instructor: Sheng Bi, Xun Piao

Site: Huangdao District, Qingdao, Shandong Province, China


Context and site condition

Liyuan House and city history

In the 1970s and 1980s, Western countries faced the pressure of economic development and transformation, and a process of economic restructuring appeared, gradually forming an economic development model centered on culture. In some European countries, there was a wave of building "tourism factories" and reconstructing abandoned factories. It is remodeled for visitors to experience and visit on the spot. According to statistics, there are about 1,000 factories in the UK open to tourists, and more than 500 tourist factories in the United States. The earliest Heineken Brewery in Holland, Wedgewood Porcelain Factory in England, and Shiroi Koibito Chocolate Factory in Hokkaido, Japan are all popular "tourist attractions" and can be said to be pioneers of "tourist factories". Since the 1980s, the factory has attracted the attention of many enthusiasts. Walking into the factory base, there are criss-crossed rubber tubes and huge water tanks. In a complex and detailed factory, you can learn from dedicated workers. "Sightseeing factory" is a new type of industrial tourism that organically combines traditional factories with sightseeing tours. It uses industrial production features such as factory production facilities, production processes, and worker operations as tourist items, with corresponding explanations, guided tours, and DIY experiences. And other services, allowing tourists to obtain diversified experiences such as sightseeing, leisure, popular science, hand-made, and shopping.


Liyuan House is a distinctive regional traditional residential building in Qingdao. It is a combination of Western-style buildings and Chinese courtyards. It is not only a shelter for the native citizens of Qingdao, but also a testimony to Qingdao's history. Therefore, the elements of the courtyard architecture are the most concentrated embodiment of Qingdao's history and culture, and are precious fragments of the urban texture of the old city.

Japan's Tsukiji Market is a public wholesale market with a long history. The market originally sold fish, and now Tsukiji Market has become the largest fish market in the country. The Tsukiji Market not only has a high reputation in Japan and has the reputation of "Tokyo's Kitchen", but it is also one of the must-visit attractions in Tokyo, attracting many tourists from Japan and abroad. How to integrate the two regional characteristics into the park culture has become the main focus of this project.

Project Overview

Forms study and generation


Technical Drawings

Physical model

Design Project

Architectural & Planning Project

Graduation Project of Undergraduate


Sheng Bi, Xun Piao


Shuai Ma

Tools and Techniques

SketchUp, AutoCAD, Lumion, Adobe Suite 

Summer 2019

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