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Kashgar Old Town Renovation

Architectural & High-rise Project. 2019

Studio Project 2019 Summer

Instructor: Sheng Bi, Congbao Xu, Xun Piao

Partner: Jingwei Li

Site: Kashgar, Xinjiang Province, China


Kashgar old town


Kashgar under modernization

If old city districts can meet the needs of modernization, can they be better preserved? What should we do to preserve national tradition with the trend of modernist modular architecture?

In order to make the old town meet the requirement of modern gathering and high density, we project the original town onto the skyscraper and reconstruct the building according to the original space type. In order to modernize the ancient town of Kashgar, we decided to orthogonalize streets, buildings and spatial forms of Kashgar into orthogoanal systems, unify the scales and standardize them into modules and organize them into urban environment. 


The orthogonalization of street forms

The orthogonalization of residence units

Perspective view

Space variation

Section Drawing

Design Project

Architectural & High-rise Project

Studio project


Sheng Bi, Congbao Xu, Xun Piao


Shuai Ma, Jingwei Li

Tools and Techniques

SketchUp, Rhino, AutoCAD, Vray, Adobe Suite 

Summer 2019

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